Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Two Leap Years in the Same Year

The year 2012 is a leap year. The Year of the Dragon is also a leap year. For the solar calendar, there is one extra day in February in the leap year. For the lunar calendar, a leap year means an extra month. With an extra day and an extra month, what do you do with the time? For me, I am glad to have an extra day, so that I can give my blog its monthly update, one thing I didn't get to do yesterday. I am also glad to have more time to work on my writing projects.

One friend of mine has brought up a question on Facebook: How people who were born on a leap day celebrate their birthday? Well, what about those who observe the lunar calendar for their birthdays? Would they celebrate two birthdays when the day falls on a leap month? I can't remember if I ever celebrate two birthdays since I observe the lunar calendar for my birthday.

To celebrate a leap year, some friends have written haiku about today. Here is mine:

leap year
one more day to hope for . . .
sunshine after rain

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