Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hello, the Year of the Dragon

With the arrival of 2012, my Japanese short form poetry writing is getting a good start. And, to my further excitement and encouragement, I received news on the second day of the Lunar New Year that two of my tanka have been accepted for publication in the spring edition, the inaugural issue of Multiverses Journal. This is even more encouraging news because I started exploring the art form last October, and one of my accepted tanka was written on my own; in other words, it had not been workshopped at a public forum. The acceptance pumps into me more confidence--I can write tanka.

Since trying my hand at it, I've fallen in love with this form. It has two more lines than haiku and thus offers the writer more room for expression. I love the Japanese style short poetry because I can express myself quickly; that doesn't mean it's easier to write than free verse.

Like 2012, good news also kicked off my Year of the Dragon. With eleven months ahead of me, if I continue to put into this writing project the same amount of time and efforts as I did in last year, (meanwhile, I haven't lost sight of my other project--my novel) I can expect more good news down the road.

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