Monday, March 21, 2011

Multiple Projects

I am back, I'm not back, as I'm not one hundred percent recovered. I am writing, I'm not writing as I'm revising some pieces of my old work.

Suddenly, I'm happy that I have multiple projects to work on.

When I was writing solely plays, I concentrated on only one script; I'd never started a second project before finishing my first one. At that time, I was happy to be focused. Now, I enjoy working on different projects, which enable me to get some writing done at this stage--still recovering from my serious illness that almost killed me about seven months ago.

My projects are divided into two categories: major and minor. The major one is undoubtedly my novel; the minor one, which can be subdivided into three categories--my play, short stories, and haiku. Focusing on my minor projects, one day I work on my play, another day, on a short story, still another day, on haiku, all depends on how I feel: energetic or tired and sluggish. On a bad day, I'll work on something easier; on a good day, i'll work on something more demanding. Doing so, I don't feel getting stuck. I'm moving forward.

With multiple projects, not only can I enjoy writing but feel satisfied that I can meet some deadlines. For a writer, every submission brings a hope.

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