Monday, February 28, 2011

A Writer's Enemy

A writer's enemy? Who can he be? For me, a writer's enemy is ill health--a hard-to-beat enemy who has deprived me of my energy and endurance. Am I saying I am in poor health? No. But I feel as if I were having poor health while on my way to recovery from my serious illness, which is progressing slowly, so slowly that I want to scream because some days I feel weak, unable to write for just an hour, and, even the other days I feel strong enough to work on my project, I lack stamina to carry on without taking a break.

And, participating in the February's National Haiku Writing Month, composing one haiku each day and reading other participating poets', I have barely sufficient energy left for my other project, feeling as if I were struggling with poor health, which has absolute control over me, like a puppeteer pulling strings alternately behind me, one to make me weak, another to make me strong. Totally at his disposal, I have to reluctantly succumb to his command.

Because of lack of energy, I had to cease updating my blog so I could work on my other project--writing a literary sentence daily--and meet the March 1st deadline for my full-length play, which I joyously did.

Today, with the literary sentence written over the weekend, I can update my blog. Doing so, I succeed in dealing my writer's enemy a blow, not powerful enough to knock him out, but strong enough to send him a message: with good planning and strategy, I can strike back.

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