Sunday, October 11, 2009

On Polygamy

I like to poke fun at the world. When America had a shortage of flu vaccine in 2004, I had to go to Canada for a flu shot. Afterward, I wrote a ten-minute play Invading Canada to make fun of it. When America had a presidential election focused on "change" in 2008, I wrote some haiku to commemorate the unprecedented event mockingly. When I penned a memoir essay about my polygamist father, I wrote a limerick to ridicule polygamists in general, my father in particular. Here's the limerick:

"A middle-ager who was a polygamist,
had a dozen women on the mailing list.
Every night he had to choose,
every ounce of his energy oozed.
And he bragged about womanly conquest
being a polygamist."

Well, my father would probably frown on it and rise from his grave and shout: "How dare you poke fun at me!"

What do you think I should say to him? Any suggestions?

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