Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Your Signature

As a big fan of figure skating, I can't help but think of the connection between writing and this athletic and artistic sport. The two do share some similarities. For example, skaters hone their skills, so do writers. Skaters dream, so do writers. Some skaters, do one thing more than their fellow skaters - they have their signatures - which means they either make themselves a power jumper, or known for the fast spin at the end of his/her skate, or show their flexibility, or do a lyrical performance, to name a few. Their signatures do not only set them apart from the crowd, but also make themselves identifiable and memorable. I used to tell Wes that I missed the performance of so and so when that skater had retired.

What's your signature as a writer? With the arrival of the new year, spend a little time to think about it. It'll be the time well-spent.

Happy New Year! Have a productive 2015!

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