Friday, May 31, 2013

A Second Opinion

In my first playwriting class, my professor told us "the rule of three." It is about mentioning the character's name three times so that the audience may catch it. Ever since, I have applied such rule to my submissions and other writers' opinions. What does this mean? I will NOT listen to only one person's opinion as the sole comments and will NOT take the first rejection from an editor as the final decision. We like to seek a second opinion on medical issues. Why not do the same thing to our writings? In my opinion, even the writer or editor is an expert in the field, he/she could judge our work according to his/her own taste and/or preference. So far, I have been doing quite well sticking to the "rule of three." It also means that I will give my writing a second look if three people say the same thing or reject my piece of writing.

So, you may ask, "You believe in the rule of three and a second opinion?" Yes. However, it is definitely NOT my "rule" written in stone. Sometimes, a second opinion may not help and may cause more confusion and the fourth person may say something different from the other three. Therefore, the best thing is to trust ourselves: we know what we want to say.

In conclusion: A second opinion will serve as an opener that opens our minds and eyes wider.

Here is my tanka. Its Chinese translation will appear later.

both my sister and I
love Cantonese Opera-
in our youthful dreams
she saw a loving husband
I searched for a castle

Have I found the castle? Yes. In America. My adopted country.

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