Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My New Kind of Haibun

We writers always look for new ways to express ourselves. Words like experimental, innovative, avant-garde, you name it, are embraced by us writers, be it poetry, theatre, fiction, nonfiction. Recently, I have written two haibun which I believe can be called urban-fantasy haibun. Urban-fantasy haibun?  Yes, they are about real people who are dead and interact with each other or interact with the living. Don't they sound interesting? I think so. Because one piece has been accepted for publication by a journal in its next issue. I am very grateful to the team of editors, And I am very excited about the acceptance, not only because of the publication but because of a new way having opened up to me for writing haibun. I got the idea for these two haibun quite unexpectedly: one morning I woke up and an idea hit me like an attack; quickly I scribbled it down in a notebook before I forgot. For me, my poetry is the best when the muse comes to visit me out of the blue. Many of my published haiku, tanka, and haibun seem to point in that direction.

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