Friday, August 31, 2012

A Haiku Poet's Eyes

Since I received my MFA in writing, I have been more observant than I was. Since I took haiku seriously and started writing them with an intention of being a published poet, I have been even more aware of the physical environment. Last week Wes and I made our first trip to Victoria and Vancouver B.C.; I said "our first trip" because we hadn't traveled outside America since my hospitalization two years ago. Once we got to the Butchart Gardens last Thursday, my eyes were like a camera, snapping shots of the place in addition to shooting pictures with my iphone. Immediately, a few haiku and tanka were churning in my mind. When the poems took shape, I jotted them down in my small notebook that I always carry in my purse. I had been to the gardens twice before; however, without a haiku poet's eyes at those two times, I simply enjoyed the sights and had a good time as I wasn't writing any poetry but working on my other projects. Now, my haiku poet's eyes not only allow me to relish the flowers, the plants, the trees, the ponds, but also let me take home a well of ideas and images excellent for haiku and tanka. This trip was enjoyable as well as inspirational.

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