Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Haiku Writing and Fiction Writing

The more I learn about haiku and the more I write haiku, the more common ground I find in haiku writing and fiction writing.

Kokoro is important in haiku. What is kokoro? It's Japanese, meaning feeling, heart, spirit. If a haiku lacks kokoro, it's not a good haiku, and I consider it an empty haiku, which may have touched on two or three of the five senses that meet the requirements of a haiku; however, after reading the poem, what is left to me is : So what? The same goes to fiction writing. After I read a novel or a short story that doesn't have kokoro, what is left to me is : So what?

I find it intriguing that all kinds of writing share some common ground in one way or another. Because of the discovery, I believe the more fields a write explores, the more benefits she will receive. People like to say "Think outside the box." Before doing that, we should look outside the box; what is out there are not only baseball fields, but cornfields, and other fields waiting for us to get in and take a look.

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