Friday, December 31, 2010

A Writer's Resolution

On New Year's Eve, many people make resolutions. As a writer, for the past years since I started writing after graduation school, I made plans. Still waiting for my stamina to fully return, which may happen later next year, I think it more reasonable to make resolution that is part of my writing plan.

I'm resolved to write one sentence each day, at least five days a week, in addition to my writing projects. That one sentence I'll be writing for the coming year is a literary sentence modeled on writers, such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Virginia Woolf, Joseph Conrad, Joan Didion. By the time I resume work on my novel, probably in August at the earliest, I'll have practiced quite some time for the literary writing. My novel, speculative fiction and also called genre fiction, defines me as a genre fiction writer. If I can write with style, which, I believe, can be trained, I will become a literary genre fiction writer--my resolution, my goal, my ambition.

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