Wednesday, August 11, 2010


July is over. Why am I talking about firework? Am I really talking about the firework displayed to celebrate 4th of July? Of course not. I'm talking about the firework in writing. I learned it at graduate school. When my playwriting professor first said it, I scratched my head. I knew what firework was in real life, but not when it was used metaphorically. Later, when a classmate commented on my play, she said, "Where's the firework?" Omnigosh, I had a vague idea of what she was asking for. Happily, I finally got it. It took me sometime to understand firework in writing.

Without firework, our writing will be dull, and will have no life. I'm glad I finally grasped the concept and put it into use.

Tomorrow, August 12, Thursday, at 6 pm, I will read from my novel at Ballard Branch Seattle Public Library for It's about Time Writers' Reading Series I will read a chapter of my novel, which, I believe, has firework.

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